People with higher Hbac1 and fall under diabetes, must take higher precaution for even a smaller blister, any sort of bug bite or even if they complain about slightest of foot sore could be dangerous leading into heal foot infection, the possibility of amputation of one with diabetic unfortunately having a skin ulcer.

The above mentioned are of higher risks with diabetes is what best is advised in Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad. Dr. Puneeth strictly warns people with foot ulcer in India and other places of India having a risk of foot ulcers leads amputations in parts of Hyderabad as well.

Doctors in Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad mentions, that real reason or causes behind uncured skin ulcers are the nerve damage happens due to loss of sensations in skin due to peripheral diabetic neuropathy caused majorly because of un-healing of wound since high blood sugar interfere in circulation thereby, drastically delaying the clotting time.

That is why Dr.Puneeth from Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad considered expert in Hyderabad strongly recommends everyone with diabetes either 1 or 2 protect feet regularly with socks and shoes and regularly examine for any blister formation, if any symptoms of slightest of blister observed it is advisable to get examined in our Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad. Mostly it is recommended for yearly check up of diabetic foot ulcers.

The best diabetic foot ulcer Doctors in Angiocare Hospital in Hyderabad will try to reduce high blood glucose levels with medication for patients suffering over a long period of time; In KPHB Hyderabad they would carefully examine and prevent from a patient getting a condition known as diabetic neuropathy (damage to the nerves) and examine for any loss of circulation in the body and if there are any circulation the individual will be best treated with operation with faster recovery.

The major problem will be nerves loosing sensation in feet and legs the nerves would be examined and treated to give better life for patients in our Hospital in Hyderabad.

Nowadays, due to advanced technology, diabetic foot problem can be diagnosed easily; many people with diabetic foot problem don’t find any symptoms until they have developed one. Yearly once it’s best to get examined in Angiocare, hospital and stay safe and avoid any complications.