In Hyderabad, Angiocare Hospital are experienced in consulting and treatment of mesenteric artery disease this condition also known as chronic mesenteric insufficiency wherein, the arteries hardens not allowing the blood to flow freely to intestines of body. Mesenteric artery disease is divided into acute and chronic mesenteric artery disease based on the time taken for arteries to get damaged. In acute form mesenteric disease a clot causes immediate life-threatening. Wherein, chronic mesenteric artery disease is more or less related to atherosclerosis with a more dangerous onset.Mesenteric artery supplies blood to gastrointestinal tract by superior mesenteric artery and inferior mesenteric artery. It also branches to hepatic, splenic, and left gastric areas.

Acute mesenteric ischemia is with interruption of intestinal blood by embolism, thrombosis, or low flow state. Doctor in Angiocare Hospital explains that acute mesenteric leads to receptor release, inflammation, and ultimately leads to infarction. Many have normal abdominal pain is it is out of proportion to physical findings. Many expert in arteries say early diagnosis is very difficult, but advanced technology in Angiocare hospital like angiography and exploratory laparotomy have the most sensitivity can penetrate inside human body and give accurate state of arteries; other lower imaging modalities often shows positive for mesenteric artery disease only later stage of the disease. Doctor Dr.Puneeth expert in treating mesenteric artery diseases recommends treatment by embolectomy, revascularization of viable segments in arteries, or removal of damaged arteries and reconnecting with fresh arteries; sometimes vasodilator therapy may prove to be successful. Mortality rate is too high with acute mesenteric artery disease worldwide.

As discussed in other arteries related diseases; mesenteric artery disease condition prevail in person with atherosclerosis conditions. In these type of vascular disease plaques build up in inner lining of arteries which eventually restricts or blocks blood flow to a specific organ or region of the body. Mostly plaques become ulcerated, leading to accumulation of blood clots and plaque contents. The tiny blood vessels are blocked by the particles also known as emboli travel along the circulatory system. Blockage also happens in sensitive organs, mainly brain a oxygen deprived condition leading to Ischemia a brain stroke. It is better to regularly get diagnosed in Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad. Doctors in Angiocare, Hospital seen patients with mesenteric artery disease generally experience weight loss and severe abdominal pain following meals. Other symptoms observed in Hyderabad hospital are vomiting, dizziness and low blood pressure this after careful inference was due to accumulation of acid in the blood.

Doctor in Angiocare hospital treat patients with mild or moderate symptoms with changing their life style like quitting smoking, regularly exercising and managing other like diabetes, higher levels of blood pressure and higher cholesterol levels.Doctors in angiocare hospital and founder Dr. Puneeth is expert who have done successful surgeries of endarterectomy wherein, plague build up is removed from artery.Also bypass grafting in this the blood circulation is bypassed from obstructed or damaged blood vessel. The graft is taken from any healthy part of own vein of patients, or absorbable synthetic material.Dr.Puneeth also regularly performs balloon angioplasty and stenting using catheter inserted into artery carefully to the blocked area from groin regions once the catheter reaches the affected arterial region a balloon is inflated wherein, the narrowed or blocked arteries get widened. In some cases these types of stents are left permanently.