Doctors of Angiocare Hospital situated in Hyderabad are specialized in treating varicose veins. Varicose veins are condition with swollen, coiled veins clearly bulging out of skin, which can be visible in naked eyes that you can see just under the surface of the skin. These veins prone to occur in the legs, but in rare cases also can form in other parts of the body.

Mostly varicose veins are considered a very common condition. Varicose causes few signs and symptoms. Every now and then varicose veins cause mild to moderate pain, blood clots, skin ulcers (sores), or other problems.

Blood from body’s tissues are carried by blood vessels of veins transported to heart. The heart than pumps to lungs to get enriched in oxygen, the arteries pumps oxygen rich blood to various body through blood vessels. The blood from arteries are flowed to tiny capillaries, this is where oxygen is given up to body’s tissues. The blood is returned back to heart via., veins to get more oxygen.

Usually veins blood flow is one way towards heart. In case the valves become damaged or weak, the blood forms a reservoir of blood in patient’s veins. The victim with swollen veins will be having more spiders like varicose veins.

Dr. Puneeth Joopalli recommends varicose veins with following factors include family history, aged people, usually male gender, female with carrying babies or pregnant, Obese individual, leading a sedentary life style, and history of any accident on leg.

Angiocare hospital in KPHB, Hyderabad usually treats patients with varicose veins by recommending life style changes in and patients and if required medical and surgical procedures will be undertaken. The treatment procedures followed by Dr. Puneeth Joopalli and fellow Doctors in Angiocare hospital is to give relieve symptoms, prevent further complications and give one improved life style and appearance.

Not all varicose veins needs surgery if you have or suspect to have varicose veins any part of legs, kindly visit our expert and get consulted with best varicose veins hospital in Hyderabad, Angiocare. Over here, there are expert in varicose veins ankle specialist usually recommends making lifestyle changes if any surgery required varicose veins they would suggest. Sometimes if one feels pain in varicose veins, blood clots of any sort, ulceration under skin. If this above conditions prevail or persist for somewhile it is advisable to call our expert in Angiocare Hospital who are always available on call, the varicose specialist Doctor in angiocare may recommend one or more surgery and life style changes and some medical procedures.

The experts Doctors in varicose veins in Angiocare Hospital treat varicose veins quick time and recovery is short and one can return back to normal life as soon as possible.

How varicose veins gets enlarged?

Varicose veins gets enlarged, twisted more and more on lower ankles, feet of lower legs. Usually appear blue in colour, with cords under the skin. Some people usually feel it’s just a cosmetic concern but in reality it’s a medical emergency causing aching and discomfort indicating a caution that there is serious medical circulatory problem to be treated as soon as possible in best facilities in Hyderabad, Angiocare Hospital.

As mentioned elsewhere, arteries have a blood vessels routinely carrying blood from ones heart to all over tissues in body. Wherein, veins plays an important role in taking the blood back to heart, so the blood will be purified and can be re circulated again. If one suffer from varicose veins the blood usually where its pumped back against gravity will not be possible. Muscle contractions along with veins in lower part of legs acts like pump to take back to heart. The valves in veins work by stopping the bad blood by flowing again downwards. The patients with varicose veins have a weakened valves allowing the bad blood accumulate in ankle region making the veins enlarge more than normal making conditions worsen. Dr .Puneeth in Angiocare Hospital will be exact doctor in Hyderabad to treat these complications and after surgery the blood flow would be normalized.

What types of Surgery performed in Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad?

Even though many call varicose vein surgery as common surgery, varicose veins will be surgically removed or closed off using a number of different techniques in Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad. The surgery will be performed to normalize blood flow and relieve symptom using Vein stripping and Phlebectomy.

The most common ways our surgeons treat varicose veins are:

Vein stripping:

In vein stripping initially 2 incisions will be made: One near groin region top of the legs and another behind the joint or at the ankle. After incision the vein are clamped using bulldog clamp procedure called vein ligation. Very carefully a sterilized wire is inserted from lower to top groin vein region.


If there is minimum veins being varicosed at particular effected region the small incisions will be made the veins will be pulled out ligated very carefully on both sides of unaffected near veins. The varicose veins will be removed in this procedure always small incisions are made.
The post-surgery care is important in Angiocare Hospital proper follow up after surgery allows patient return to normal life without any complications of any sort. After varicose vein surgery performed in our premises Angiocare hospital in some minor cases it is possible to leave home same day. If the person undergone complicated surgery Dr.Puneeth will advice the patient to have minimum out- patient stay and visit doctor after one or three weeks is mandatory.

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