Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) looms as the greatest health threats in the country and most of us are unaware of its implications. But you can rest assured that at Angiocare Hospital, Hyderabad you’re in good hands. Mostly PAD occurs when hardening of the arteries a condition called atherosclerosis, plaques buildup in the blood vessels, these blood vessels carry oxygen and required nutrients to all the tissues of the body. A consultation with Dr. Puneeth involves a complete assessment of your blood vessels.When these plaques conditions worsen, they restrict required blood flow to both the limbs and eventually block the arteries. In initial stages, PAD causes imbalance in walking, but in later stages, it leads to painful foot ulcers, foot infections, and even foot gangrene, which unfortunately could lead to amputation of foot. People suffering from symptoms of PAD are more prone to die of heart attacks or strokes.

The general other names given to PAD are atherosclerotic peripheral arterial disease, Claudication, Hardening of the arteries, Leg cramps from poor circulation, Peripheral arterial disease, Peripheral vascular disease, Poor circulation, Vascular disease. Usually, a patient consults Dr. Puneeth with atherosclerosis, person with habit of smoking, patient with high values of cholesterol in blood, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels due to insulin resistance.In Angiocare Hospital they screen and educate in preventing of PAD before stepping in for diagnosis one should be aware of family history of health problems related to P.A.D. If anyone from or someone in your family has the PAD disease, be sure to tell your doctor in Angiocare. They usually educate in controlling risk factors. The Doctors suggests one must be physically active, be screened for PAD with ankle-brachial index, follow heart healthy eating, taking quit smoking programs, if one is overweight take weight loss plan. The lifestyle changes will also prevent one from getting ischemic heart disease, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and even stroke.Vascular specialist Doctor is required to treat with PAD, a vascular specialist Dr. Puneeth may be involved. This is a doctor who specializes in treating blood vessel diseases and conditions in Hyderabad.

During the physical examination in Angiocare hospital, your doctor in Angiocare will look for signs of PAD. The Doctor may check for the blood flow in your legs or feet to see whether you have weak or reduced pulses. Dr.Puneeth will check the pulses in your leg arteries for any bruit a abnormal whooshing. Simple sounds heard using stethoscope will give some understanding whether he/ she is having a blocked arteries.Angiocare Hospital is well equipped with Ankle- brachial Index, Doppler ultrasound, treadmill test, Magnetic Resonance Angiogram, Arteriogram for proper diagnosis of PAD.If the conditions of patient is in initial phase treatment often includes making life-long heart-healthy lifestyle changes such as mentioned above but, if it is complicated surgery will be done by Dr. Puneeth completely specialized in performing bypass grafting, Angioplasty, stent placement, Atherectomy.